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Rolin® Barraza™ Online Shop works with a well-established return policy, established in the conditions of hiring. This return policy is only valid on products purchased in our Online Shop

Only the amount of the shipping costs will be covered in the following cases:

Error in the Shipment by the mark.

-Error in submitted product.

-Manufacturing defects bearing in mind that our product is 100% handmade.

In all other cases, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Anyone can change an unused item within 10 working days of the purchase by contacting our customer service and following the process:

– Send a message to our Customer Service channel via email at

-Data to make a change.

-Reason to make the change.

-Product photo to be changed.

– Checking the product is in good condition, as it was sent.

– Checking the product maintains its original labeling.

– If possible, sending the product with its original packaging.


Once the request for making the change has been made, we will have 48 hours to respond your request and verify the existence of the product from which you wish to make the change, so you will receive the address for its shipment.


Once approved the product, it will proceed to ship the product that you are requesting and we will send your new guide number as long as we have the product in stock, if not, within approximately 30 days can be sent the replacement of the product.


The delivery of the new merchandise requested, as well as its previously defined delivery time, will run from having the product that was initially sent to us in our offices bearing in mind that all shipping costs will incur by THE USER or customer, unless THE ADMINISTRATOR promotes or determines otherwise, taking in count that the shipment of the new merchandise will proceed as long as the merchandise have been received under the same conditions in which it was initially sent.

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